In Treca Rupán we offer daily outdoor activities for every taste, transfers included. Activities are subject to climatic conditions and the national authorities orders (closure of ports in water activities or rivers), as well as seasonal bans determined by the same entity (fishing and rafting), or due to inclement weather, which would affect trekking or picnic activities; in which case, the activity will be replaced by other options. To help us put together the best service, guests must register for the activities the day prior to the excursion, at the Excursions office. The activities included in the packages start the day after the arrival. In the event of staying for one night only, we offer luggage storage service, so that guests can enjoy the activities after their check-out.



Rafting grade 3 to 3.5 by the Fuy River

with all equipment and safety equipment, which is guided by certified personnel and professional rescue kayakers. The starting point of the activity is 15 minutes from the hotel and has a total duration of 2 hours (approximate 50 minutes by raft descent). The difficulty is medium-high.

VALUE: $25,000 CLP / $40 USD per person.

REQUIREMENTS: The activity requires a minimum of 5 participants; 12 years and up, and have to know how to swim.

Day-trip to Hot Springs Resort

In Liquiñe town, a 40 minutes drive from the Lodge. The resort has 2 swimming pools (one of them roofed), hot tubs, individual and group ones, mud baths, and sauna. You will also find a Spa with a selection of massages (not included in the package and are booked directly at the spa).

VALUE: $30,000 CLP/ $48 USD per person.
REQUIREMENTS: The activity requires a minimum of 8 participants. Children under 3 years old do not pay (does not include lunch for minors).

Recreational Fishing on Pirihueico Lake

The lodge provides all the equipment for on-shore fishing, trawling and fly fishing (reeds, tackle, lures, tights, etc.). 3 hours duration.

VALUE:  $ 50,000 CLP/ $ 80 USD per person.

CONDITIONS: The boats sail with 2 participants. The activity is done in 2 schedules (7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.). Participants must have a sport fishing license (can be obtained at the lodge without surcharge, for an approximate value of $ 8,000 CLP / $ 13 USD).

Guided ascent in Mocho-Choshuenco Glacier

and climbing in the caves of eternal ice. This activity is available year round. All necessary equipment is provided (ice ax, crampons, ropes, etc.).

VALUE: $70,000 CLP / $112 USD per person.

REQUIREMENTS: The activity requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants. Participants must have the appropriate clothing.